Dr. Hendon wrote an article on the benefits and reasons he chose to specialize in Gentle Chiropractic which was published.

Light force or Gentle Chiropractic is becoming a very popular alternative to standard adjustments. I believe the growth is largely due to the fact that it speaks to a major obstacle that keeps many patients away from Chiropractic care, fear. I must admit that prior to becoming a Chiropractor, the thought of someone “cracking” my neck did scare me or at least made me uncomfortable enough to avoid adjustments. It was not until I had a soccer injury that I overcame my issue and found a Chiropractor to address my back pain. Of course I found relief and the rest, as they say is history. However, I never forgot how I felt walking into that office for the first time. Since then, I have tailored my practice to connect to those potential patients who, like myself were afraid.

Over the years, I have sought out therapies and treatments that would allow me to provide my patients superior results without using the diversified technique for the back or neck. I have found patients get the best results when Light Force adjustments, especially when used in conjunction with Trigger Point Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise and Auriculotherapy, with Light Force simply meaning manually moving one vertebrae at a time. Although this does take more time than a standard adjustment (15-20 minutes), patients have much less inflammation and the adjustment holds and last longer. Also, as I integrated these therapies into my practice, patients treatment plans were getting shorter as their results were improving. This benefit might not be as popular with chiropractors as it is with patients; however the fact remains, shorter treatment plans not only provides a time savings but also a financial one.

Another issue I find that gentle chiropractic effectively addresses is the adjustment of extremities and non-spinal joints. It is not hard to understand why and how a knee injury can effect a patients spine. By simply walking, sitting or standing in a way to avoid the pain can cause the spinal issue to begin with. Keeping extremities and other non-spinal joints in healthy alignment ensures a better and more effective spinal adjustment.

I am very satisfied with the progress my patients find with Gentle Chiropractic care. Less inflammation, longer hold times and shorter treatment plans along with the financial savings make Gentle Chiropractic, in my opinion superior to standard adjustments. I continue to research alternative therapies and procedures to assist me in providing my patients with the best, most non-evasive care available.