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Dr. Bill Hendon

Nashville Chiropractor, Dr. Bill Hendon specializes in Gentle Chiropractic Care and has provided thousands of patients in Nashville relief. This painless combination of Gentle techniques produces amazing results without the aggressive and sometimes painful spinal manipulation of standard adjustments. Many Chiropractors in Nashville use the term "Gentle" however it is Dr. Hendon's specialty not a slogan and the reason he is known as Nashville's Gentle Chiropractor.

Dr. Hendon combines several gentle chiropractic techniques including Torque Release, Activator, & Trigger Point therapies which produces outstanding results. His exclusive blend of techniques are also individualized to the patient's condition, optimizing benefit & repair. As an alternative to twisting and jerking patients to achieve the time saving "domino effect", Dr. Hendon moves each misaligned vertebrae separately, one at a time. His adjustments requires little to no stress on the spine and therefore less inflammation. So although Gentle Chiropractic is much more comfortable, results and benefits do not suffer. Instead, treatment schedules are shortened by weeks or months and substantial relief provided to patients sooner.

Experience does matter. A graduate of the University of Tennessee and Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Hendon has constantly developed and fined tuned his abilities over the past 14 years and over 50,000 adjustments. His combination of clinical experience and an outstanding education has given Dr. Hendon the skill that only comes with dedication and time.

Hendon Chiropractic is in a park like setting in Lenox Village in Nashville and offers free parking only feet from our front door. The lobby is very relaxing and includes a wide screen T.V. to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Bill Hendon Graduated with Honors from the University of Tennessee in 1990 with a Business Degree. He settled into a career in business until fate put him on a different course.

In 1992 while playing soccer, Dr. Hendon had a minor injury that required medical treatment. A friend suggested that he see a chiropractor, which he reluctantly did. Dr. Hendon was so impressed with the results, he decided to change careers & attend Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis, MO., a school based on gentle or light force Chiropractic.

After his graduation from Logan in 1996, Dr. Hendon opened his first practice, known as Downtown Chiropractic Clinic. With over 14 years of experience, Dr. Hendon is highly skilled, knowledgeable & truly passionate and dedicated to patients wellness and quality of life.

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